Visual Studio with ReSharper is slow

We are aware that many of our users experience problems with ReSharper performance in Visual Studio. This article contains some troubleshooting suggestions and our plans on improving ReSharper performance. Please look through the list of suggestions and check if any of them helps.

Speeding up Guide

First of all, please refer to the guide specifying which Visual Studio and ReSharper settings can be modified in order to improve performance.

Web languages suggestion

In case you have a web project containing a big amount of JS/TS files and libraries please check if adding these files as third-party code could help.

Investigation of performance issue by ReSharper team

If changing settings doesn’t help we’d be grateful if you could provide us a performance snapshot as described in our article.

We investigate each snapshot and provide a fix if ReSharper is the culprit of the problem.

Still, there are some issues that could be solved only by moving ReSharper out of Visual Studio process.

Out of process

It’s a massive technical refactoring of the core of ReSharper, making everything asynchronous so it can run out of process, but without breaking current Visual Studio integration while it's in development.

We are trying to be transparent and capture our progress in this tracking issue, which additionally collects a lot of background posts about performance. 

Visual Studio 2022 support

There’s ReSharper preview version for Visual Studio 2022 published recently, you can find the installer and more details about this version here. 

Many of our first users report better performance experience compared to ReSharper integrated into previous Visual Studio versions.

Memory consumption workaround 

We also have a workaround that works well for many solutions (and works perfectly for our team) and helps free up memory. 


Please note that you are welcome to share any of your concerns by contacting our support team (press "Submit a request" button here) so we can perform a focused investigation of your issue.

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Resharper makes Visual Studio unusable for non-trivial projects. Not sure why Jetbrains sells such a terrible product.


Still slow? I complained about it for the past 4 years. Today I was thinking of renewing the ultimate subscription and thought to check. Thanks for the info...


Maybe it would be time to stop bull...tting us and admit that you do not care about Resharper integration in VS anymore, are not doing anything to improve speed and that you focused on Rider as a full replacement of R#/VS. There are hundreds of people that have been complaining about the speed of R# in the successive versions of Visual Studio.


ReSharper is a great tool, but it has always had performance issues with Visual Studio. That's a fact!
JetBrains did a lot to improve that over the years. Everyone should be fair and recognise that!
However, at our company, we also noticed performance got worse with the latest VS versions. Unfortunately. Even on high-end machines! 
It seems to us that certain VS functions are basically "competing" with ReSharper and trying to do more or less the same stuff, which also leads to performance problems!?
The JetBrains VS-in-built performance assistant tries to solve a lot of those problems - with more or less success.
However, performance is still abysmal in very complex projects, especially with thousands of lines of code. Of course, having thousands of lines of code shall not be considered something out of the ordinary in more significant and extensive projects.
In our experience in those projects, ReSharper can be used with acceptable performance only if the solution-wide analysis is turned off and all the individual code files are kept below a certain number of lines of code. That number depends on the complexity of the code per file and the general hardware performance of the machine on which VS is running. Otherwise, ReSharper becomes simply unusable in those projects! Again, that is a simple fact that everyone can find out quickly if they try.

And yes, we also noticed that the same projects with performance issues in VS run significantly faster in Rider, often without any performance problems at all.
Now, if we all give JetBrains the benefit of the doubt that they don´t slow down their product intentionally in VS (why would they?), that leaves only the (layman) conclusion that there are things in VS which make it very hard for JetBrains to reach the same performance in VS as in Rider.
Of course, it would be interesting if anyone got comparisons of the performance in VS with other products competing with ReSharper.

Be safe, everyone, and try to take it easy! ;-)




I'd like to say this is only a problem with big complex projects. It's not. With R# enabled it can take a good couple of minutes before an EMPTY Visual Studio 2022 instance becomes usable.

Without R# I can open "without code" and then go and file open pretty much anything in a few seconds and then work with it. With R# that process is a minute at least and VS continues to be unresponsive for some time beyond that.

If I'm opening a solution file directly I just go and grab a coffee as it's at least 3-5 minutes before VS becomes usable. Doesn't matter if it's a big project or a small one with one code file and no dependencies.

After that initial hiccup performance is actually decent but the current startup performance is going to impact your renewal chances.


I love Jet Brains Products (especially Rider), but using Resharper with Visual Studio is so slow. I have been a Resharper customer for years, and it's always been slow. I am to the point where I just don't even bother with it anymore and instead use another product which uses Roslyn and way faster. 

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