How can I temporary disable/turn off ReSharper?

ReSharper can be suspended and resumed in the "Tools | Options | ReSharper | General" dialog.

You may also map any keyboard shortcut for 'ReSharper_ToggleSuspended' command in the "Tools | Options | Environment | Keyboard" dialog.

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Hi - when disabled ReSharper still pulls a licence from the licenseServer. Is there a way to disable and not pull a licence from the server without uninstalling?


Unfortunately when I do this, now NO files open. :< I'm just trying to debug why a custom VS keyboard shortcut (CTRL+SHIFT, W) isn't working? I have it mapped to File.CloseAllButThis but for some reason, nothign works. Frustrating and very confusing. I'm really starting to question the value of Resharper?!


Unfortunately this feature not very useful, since keyboard shortcuts will be still assigned to R# functions and will not work, when it is disabled =(

You have to explicitly restore VS defaults or load previously saved keyboard mappings to restore VS functionality.


After SO MANY YEARS-- why are the shortcuts not also disabled and enabled with the suspend?

Why can you not cut the bloat down and make something helpful and usable without running 100% to 200% slower when turned on????




With Resharper running in VS2017, not debugging, just sitting, VS processes uses 40 to 70% of total CPU continuous!

When touching a JS file, it freezes VS2017 for 2 to 4 minutes, repeatedly, before becoming responsive again.

When I suspend Resharper, goes from 70% CPU to 0% CPU immediately, and my cooling fans turn down.



I experience some performance issues when opening a solution on a UNC path (same network w 1GBit connection). There seems to be unspecified constant traffic/operations repeatedly flashing the Windows "busy" cursor in VS, sometimes the whole program lags which makes fluent work hard. I wanted to suspend R# Ultimate 2018.2.3 to narrow down the problem but can't even find the setting in the options anymore :(


ReSharper has become a joke. Performance is so abysmal that Visual Studio hangs for minutes at a time when trying to activate the suspend button. Sigh.


Cannot find the "Suspend" button in Resharper 2020.2


Is it possible to suspend ResharperC++ without suspending Resharper for C#?  


Hello Mnemoth42


You can disable ReSharper C++ in

ReSharper | Options | Environment | Products & Features

If you want to be able to see if R# is running or suspended, and control it, you can add a command bar button in VS to toggle it off and on.

I would like to know what is actually still running when R# is suspended. 


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