Collect a dump for VS/ReSharper crash with Windows Error Reporting

There's an alternative way for collecting a dump using default Windows reporting service and a temporary registry editing:

  1. Download files attached to this article.
  2. Run the attached enable_dumps file. This will add registry settings that collect dumps on VS crash.
  3. Create a folder at C:\JetDumps.
  4. Reproduce the crash.
  5. Locate the dump. It will be located in the C:\JetDumps folder. It could take a bit of time for it to appear after the crash. You can check your Task Manager for the "Windows Error Reporting" process - if there is one and it's active, it means that the dump is still being produced.
  6. Run the attached disable_dumps file. It will remove registry settings added on step one.
  7. (Optional) Compress the dump into a zip, 7z, or another kind of archive. Dumps are typically large and typically highly compressible.
  8. Share this dump file with the support team for analysis with some way described here.
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