Collect memory snapshot in Visual Studio

  1. Go to 'ReSharper | Help | Report a Bug or Submit a Feature'.
  2. Select "Performance problem" in "Problem category" combobox.
  3. Hit "green cross" icon next to "Attachments" text | select "Memory Snapshot" | It will start self-profiling tool.

    Note: on a 1st run self-profiling tool will be downloaded from JetBrains server, download times may vary so please be patient.

  4. Memory snapshot will be collected automatically, the process will take about 1 minute, you will see "Attaching and waiting for snapshot". When it is completed, "Snapshot{someID}.dmw" file will be available in Attachments section.  
  5. Provide a good Subject and Description of the memory issue you experience. 
  6. When the memory report is complete, you'll be able to upload the snapshot to our FTP server by clicking on Submit button


What can go wrong:

  1. For some reason uploading procedure has failed: Open a file locataion (Context menu for an attached snapshot | Open File Location) and upload the snapshot file manually to JB servers as described here or share such file with us using any cloud services like Dropbox, GoogleDisk, etc.
  2. If devenv.exe allocates more 2.5 Gb memory and is going to crash with OOM exception, please try collecting a memory dump using standalone dotMemory, since the crash might happen during a snapshot's uploading. 

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