How to collect a performance snapshot and send it to JetBrains Team

  1. Go to ReSharper | Help | Profile Visual Studio (for VS 2019: Extensions | ReSharper | Help | Profile Visual Studio). If you are getting any errors, please check What can go wrong list below.
  2. Press “+” button for attachments and select "Performance Snapshot (Sampling)".sampling_add.png
  3. Then you need to reproduce the slowdown scenario and click “Stop profiling” when you’re done.
  4. After clicking “Stop profiling”, the performance snapshot will get attached to the "Problem Report" in the "Feedback Center" dialog.
    Note: If you need to redo your performance capture, you can click the red "X" icon next to the performance capture and repeat steps 2,3. 
  5. Provide a good Subject and Description of the performance issue you experience. 
  6. It will be helpful if you authenticate using browser authentication so the snapshot won't be submitted anonymously. Sometimes we need to contact you to collect some more details.
  7. When the performance report is complete, you'll be able to upload the snapshot to our FTP server by clicking on "Submit" button.

If you notice that Visual Studio is slow at startup, then please use the following instructions for collecting performance snapshot.

What can go wrong:

Any errors in uploading files for FTP after clicking on "Submit": Sometimes uploading to ftp is prohibited in a local network, then please do the following:

  • Call a context menu for an attached performance snapshot;
  • Select "Open file location";
  • Share such a file with us using or any cloud services like Dropbox, GoogleDisk, etc.
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I tried to do this, but got Internal Server error in Feedback center dialog. Anyway, snapshot was got.



Tried this, but the moment that ReSharper is causing issues it is almost impossible to start the profiler since all of Visual Studio 2017 becomes unresponsive. Then the system fails to start the profiler... so in the end I need to quit VS via task manager in order to get a working IDE again. Seems to have to do with the parsing of TypeScript files. It can work for hours and then with something simple like checking a tooltip it suddenly hangs up. Other times it takes 5+ sec for the editor to respond to a single typing action... Am long term user of R# but never had anything like this frustrating behaviour with VB or C# projects.



I have had issues doing this procedure because what is going wrong is that Visual Studio takes a long time to initialize after I first click on its icon to start the IDE in the first place.  I can't profile Visual Studio with the ReSharper-provided tool for this scenario, because when I open Visual Studio, wait for it to finish initializing, click the ReSharper menu, and then click Profile Visual Studio and then click on the tool, the scenario I want to test is the initial open/load of Visual Studio.  Well, so this means I have to exit the Visual Studio IDE and close devenv.exe.  And then re-click on its icon.  And that's what I want to send a snapshot of.  but the moment I close Visual Studio to begin the scenario, it seems like the Profiling Tool thinks that I am done with the scenario, so it uploads the snapshot and greys out all its buttons before I can even begin the specific scenario (booting visual studio) that I want to profile.



Profiling Resharper C++ made my VS crash too.  C'mon guys!  The suggestions in here do nothing for me. I have an excellent system, but a large body of C++ code. It seems that Resharper C++ is only really useful for toy sized projects. Apparently the internal data structures and algorithms do not scale to real world projects of moderate complexity (300K LOC).

Performance is killing my interest in this product.  I don't care about features if they slow down my workflow. Why should I have to profile your product for you? That's your job. Grab a decently sized open source project from github or something and do it yourselves.  Maybe if you guys had to use your product to write C++ code, this wouldn't be an issue.

I'm am majorly unhappy with the performance of Resharper: loading, slowing down the main UI thread in VS, crashing, etc. 


> For some reason uploading procedure has failed:

unfortunately, this doesn't work, as then the feedback center doesn't allow me to submit my  problem if it doesn't have a Performance Snapshot attached. :/


The snapshot is a quite huge black box (160MB+ in my case). Some information about what is sent would be nice. At least some assurance that no privacy or code related information is packed in the file.



Tried to do the VS Profiler but received the following error. I went to the link provided but didn't really understand "...Please follow the note for 2 point in the list above."  I reviewed all the everything with "note" but still receiving the error.


Had the same problem here.

When trying to attach the Performance Snapshot, I got the following error:
Failed to attach using self-profiling API

Turns out, there were two report windows running and the one in the background got all the snapshots.

This process should be improved.

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Same here, what to do next? RS goes crazy with my CPU even with no project opened.

ReSharper Ultimate – Attach Performance Snapshot
Failed to attach using self-profiling API


Slow Text Selection In VS2017 Since Early August 2022 Resharper C++ Update

Simply trying to select text in the VS2017 IDE, either by double-clicking on a word, or using the SHIFT+ARROW keys, or simply using the mouse and cursor. In all cases nothing happens for a few seconds, every time.


Hello Theo de Roo

Could you please collect a dump for us as described in the following article -

You can share it using "Submit a request" form at the top of the page.

Thank you.


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