How can I temporary disable/turn off ReSharper?

ReSharper can be suspended and resumed in the "Tools | Options | ReSharper | General" dialog.

You may also map any keyboard shortcut for 'ReSharper_ToggleSuspended' command in the "Tools | Options | Environment | Keyboard" dialog.


Hi - when disabled ReSharper still pulls a licence from the licenseServer. Is there a way to disable and not pull a licence from the server without uninstalling?


Unfortunately when I do this, now NO files open. :< I'm just trying to debug why a custom VS keyboard shortcut (CTRL+SHIFT, W) isn't working? I have it mapped to File.CloseAllButThis but for some reason, nothign works. Frustrating and very confusing. I'm really starting to question the value of Resharper?!


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