Visual Studio with ReSharper is freezing and/or crashing

Since ReSharper is integrating within Visual Studio deeply, there are some scenarios, some specific configurations, solutions or use cases, which may lead to freeze or crash of Visual Studio with ReSharper. This article guides through troubleshooting steps in order to fix or avoid the crash, or at least determine the cause of the issue.

There are several types of VS crashes:

  • Unhandled exception, like 'System.OutOfMemoryException'.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio has encountered a problem and needs to close.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio (Not Responding) 'white screen' freeze.
  • Silent crash. In case of silent crash, VS does not show any error messages, warning windows, etc.

Despite these three cases are different, here are some common steps to troubleshoot the crash:

  1. Hardware and OS Configuration.
    1. VS can crash because of the PC hardware and OS - for example, System.OutOfMemoryException is known to be present on Windows XP 32-bit environment with low RAM amount. In most cases it cannot be avoided, so please make sure that you're using a modern OS with 64-bit architecture - like Windows 7 x64 or Windows 8 x64.
  2. VS configuration
    1. ReSharper may conflict with the other Visual Studio addins and extensions, so it is a nice idea to launch Visual Studio in safe mode to turn off all installed extensions and temporary disable/uninstall them one-by-one. This will allow to check whether there's a conflict between different extensions, which makes VS to crash.
    2. If the crash occurs on VS startup with direct solution opening, try to launch VS itself (e.g., just click on the VS desktop shortcut to start the Visual Studio, not a *.sln file of the solution you're working with).
    3. Sometimes, Visual Studio and/or .NET Framework itself can be corrupted or damaged, so launching the 'Repair' action on Visual Studio installation (via 'Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs') can help in this case.
  3. Solution configuration.
    1. To make sure that the crash is solution-specific, please try to create new solution (like, C# Console Application) and check if the crash is still present.
    2. If the crash seems to be a solution-specific case, please try to remove ReSharper caches and *.suo file as described here and check if it helps to resolve the issue.
  4. ReSharper installation. Since we do our best in terms of fixing issues and bugs, it is a nice idea to check if you're using the latest ReSharper version available.
    1. Latest release version is always available here:
    2. Latest Early Access Program (EAP) builds are available here:
    3. If you're licensed to an older version, check that you're using the latest version in the corresponding major branch (for example, 6.1.1 is the latest version for the ReSharper 6.x):
  5. Crash reproduction. If the steps above do not help, please try to narrow down the cause of the issue:
    1. Determining what exact action (f.e., 'Open Solution', 'Go To Type', 'Expanding Live Template', etc.) is making VS to crash.
    2. If this issue is solution-specific, please try to 'crop' the solution (e.g., remove files, references, etc.) to make the solution smaller in size, but still with this issue reproducible - in some cases, it might be even a single file, which is causing the issue.
    3. After acquiring as much information as possible, please contact JetBrains ReSharper Support Team using the 'Submit a request' form above and letting us know about the issue with detailed description. Our team will guide you and provide further steps to troubleshoot the issues.
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Can you suggest what to do with a Silent crash of Visual Studio? When it appears, and I work with other application or even not near PC, then I even didn't know that my VS was restarted.

The problem is that I'm starting VS from .bat file which set environment variables. In case if it was restarted silently, I even didn't know that current VS was started "incorrectly". Is there any way to force VS to say "I am crashed and restarted" (without hiding this fact)?

Thank you


I really, really want Resharper++ to work well, I really do. Because when it is working, it's fantastic.

Sadly, it crashes way too often and is regularly freezing the IDE. So in effect, I upgrade and try it again once every six months, become disappointed again that these problems never seem to go away, and then disable for another six months while I do real work with the infinitely more reliable Visual Assist.

Please Jetbrains, please, make this product more stable and I'm sure you'll win the gratitude of programmers the world over. What you've designed is tremendous. What you've delivered is broken.


For the love of God, please stop adding new features and fix the damn software. This thread has been active for six years. I keep updating, thinking someone at JetBrains actually cares about making Resharper stop crashing and slowing down VS. Do you have any intention of fixing Resharper, or should we all just give up?


ReSharper is a piece of shit. You can't imagine how much we hate you. 


The fix to this is remove resharper completely, VS works like a charm without it! honestly, this is the last year I subscribe to this it is entirely useless, especially if you're using WPF it's a nightmare.


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