Blank/transparent ReSharper windows in VS2019

Problem: ReSharper windows (e.g., Unit Test Sessions, Find Results, Build&Run) open, but do not show contents.



Workaround: disable the option Optimize rendering for screens with different pixel densities on the page Tools | Options | Environment | General.



UPD: Fixed in R# 2019.1.3 (

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Any estimates for when ReSharper will be fixed for this bug?

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@Ewen Wallace, unfortunately, we cannot give a time estimate at the moment, we're working on the problem:

As for the problem with intellisense - please feel free to follow the issue in YouTrack

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Workaround worked, I had to restart VS.

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I had bigger issue with enabled setting in the VS2019. When it was enabled VS2019 crashed each time I tried to open solution, if ReSharper was installed.
As soon as I removed ReSharper, everything was ok. I tried to Repair VS and install latest updated, nothing helped.

What helped: I installed 2018 Resharper, which showed me a pop up warning window about potential issues when the setting is on. 
So I disabled it in VS updated ReSharper to the latest version. Right now everything works fine.  


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