How to change colors used by ReSharper for highlighting fields, constants and other symbols

Go to "Tools | Options | Environment | Fonts and Colors" dialog. Find all items in the list with prefix "ReSharper" and configure attributes for them as you like.

Please note, that since ReSharper 7 supports built-in Light and Dark color themes for Visual Studio 2012 and above.

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Follow up question, what if I don't want to use resharper color highlighting/themes? I want to keep the exact colors I had before installing resharper. 


I have a custom VS17 theme I want to keep using.

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There needs to be a way to restore the coloring that appeared when intellisense was enabled, with Resharper. Going through the options and trying to match the colors one by one sounds like a hair pulling experience.


Jakob Krantz You could try ReSharper Options, Code Inspection, Settings: uncheck "Color identifiers" (under Highlighting).


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