MSTest Unit Testing does not work (or fails with error) with ReSharper 7.1.x

Note: For VS15.3 MSTest issue, please follow 



If you're having one of the following issues with ReSharper 7.1.x (possibly, with Visual Studio 2012 Update 2):



There is no such option in Resharper C# 7.1.3 :-(




+1 can't debug unit tests. They can be executed but not debugged. 
VS Professional 2017 (15.3.1)
Re-sharper Ultimate (2017.1.3)


Unit tests (MSTest) run for me but I can't debug them. I have VS 2017 (15.3.0) and the latest Re-sharper. 

Any advice?


I've just bumped into this as well this morning.   I had eight or so unit tests up and running with no issue.    I added one more and none of them work.  Hell, none of them show up in the testing window without a bit of digging around.   When I do get them displayed they all run and show Inconclusive: Test not run.

I'm a bit new to the ReSharper world so I'm not sure I follow the versioning format.   The link above says it is to 7.1.3 but when followed it shows 2017.1.2.    Is the '7' just the tail of the year?  And if so, that means the x.1.3 version isn't available, just the x.1.2.   

I just updated ReSharper to the latest and it is showing 2017.1.2 and I'm running on VS 2017 v15.0.26403.3

I'll keep digging and post anything I find that helps.



+1 Debugging doesn't work (Inconclusive: Test not run). Execution works.

VS Professional 2017 15.3.2
Resparper Ultimate 2017.1.3


there is no checkbox here with such name, any thoughts?


Same issue... can't debug unit tests. They can be executed but not debugged
VS Professional 2017 (15.3.0 / 15.3.1)
Re-sharper Ultimate (2017.1.3)

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Same here, just tried out latest update of VS2k17 as well as the latest version of ReSharper... the runner is also throwing the same exceptions...

Is there a fix out there?


Just to update my original comment that I can't debug unit tests in VS 2017.  I still am unable to debug in 2017; however, I am able to debug the unit tests in VS 2015.  


I am getting the same issue.


I use JetBrains ReSharper Ultimate 2017.2 Build 109.0.20170824.131346
And I am still getting  "Inconclusive: Test not run" for MS tests
Submitted the bug here:
Please fix. Thanks!


Just installed the VS 15.3.2 update. Tried it with Resharper Ultimate 2017.2 and 2017.1.3 and the issue is still there.

Can execute unit tests, but not debug.


Is this still on the radar of the support? Because there is a solution, but it doesn't work


I was unable to debug unit tests:

  • Visual Studio Professional 2017 15.5.2
  • ReSharper Ultimate 2017.2.2

I have upgraded to the following ReSharper build and I am now able to debug:

  • ReSharper Ultimate 2017.3 EAP



Just tried the fix suggested by Alexander Kurakin and it worked!!!!

Specifically with VS 2017 (15.3.2) - Just upgraded to this version yesterday

And ReSharper 2017.2 EAP 13 (this one came out a couple days ago as well, but I just tried it)

Previously with 2017.2 EAP 12 debugging was still broke. After EAP 13 upgrade everything is working again!


I made the switch to NUnit and everything works. Gave up on MSTest. 


I am having the same problem as Matt Newboult as I am unable to debug any of my unit test.  I am running VS Enterprise Version 15.3.1.  


Same here:
Debugging doesn't work (Inconclusive: Test not run). Execution works.

VS Professional 2017 15.3.2
ReSharper Ultimate 2017.1.3


Using VS 15.3.4 and R# 2017.2.1

My proect is using XUnit 2.2 and still all tests are showing Aborted or Inconclusive. VS own test shows all green.

I can debug the test to see that everything is OK but in session window it shows inconclusive aborted. This messes up my codecoverage also.


Hi, My team is running ReSharper 7.1.3 (Build 7.1.3000.2254) on Visual Studio 2010, an the fix above doesn't work.

any thing else you can advise?


@ Yyaari, could you please submit a request for us with a detailed information about this issue. We'll try to help. Thanks!


Same issue with v7.1.3 or v8.0+Fixes with Visual Studio 2010 SP1 and projects using .NET v4.0.

By looking at the TestContext object, it looks like ReSharper runs the tests from the Project output folders, and MsTest from the TestResults folder (at the same level as the solution in my case).

I know there is an option to change the folder from which ReSharper runs the tests from, but none to set it like MsTest, i.e. at the same level as the solution file or (.vsmdi file). I tried to force it by providing the full physical path to my solution folder, but still the same issue.

So, right now, when running all the test in the solution, I am still using MsTest and I use only ReSharper to run test that do not required files or folders to be deployed.



I am experiencing the same issue with MSTests. When I run test in debug mode it just run without any errors.

Like this:

Visual Studio version:

R# version:


I've got similar issus than Alaninsley


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I'm also having this problem. I have been running my tests from resharper for some time now and it has been working just fine. But, recently I had to force tests to run in 64-bit mode and since Resharper does not support that out-of-the-box I had to create a testsettings file and point resharper to that file. But, when I did I got exactly the problem described above by Moramatte, Keith Nicholas and Joao Morais.


We are having issues after upgrading to the ReSharper 8. Previously we were using ReSharper 5.1. With that version, during the execution of the MS Test using ReSharper, it was creating separate ‘Run Deployment Directory’ for each session/Test Run. Please refer to the screen shot below.

However, after upgrading to ReSharper 8 yesterday, we are no longer getting the Results in ‘separate Run Deployment Directory’. ReSharper is using the existing ‘Run Deployment Directory’ for each session/Test Run. Please refer to the screen shot below.


@Eino, you need to have your solution opened in order to see the other options.


I had to downgrade to 7.1.3 as well.  R#8 on VS2010 would continuously get stuck on unit tests as soon as there were 10 or more to run a single group.  Very disappointing that this issue, which has been reported by many, has still not been fixed.  It makes R#8 effectively useless, but worse, it makes me never want to upgrade again.


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