Offline plug-in installation process

1) Open in a browser;

2) Log in to a site;

3) Find a plugin e.g. (pay attention, that there may be two versions of a plugin - one for R# 8.x and one for R# 10.x/2016.x);

4) In "Versions" tab, select a plugin version which covers installed R# build; 

5) If you logged in, there will be a Download link;

6) Hit Download link and download the nuget package;

7) Put it to any local folder;

8) Specify such folder here "ReSharper | Options | Environment | Extension Manager | Add" and uncheck ".NET Products Gallery" checkbox;

9) Run "ReSharper | Extension Manager" and install the plugin which appears there.

Hint: if you use IE11 and it downloads *.zip file instead of *.nupkg, just change the file extension from "zip" to "nupkg". 

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" and uncheck ".NET Products Gallery" checkbox"

I can't find this checkbox


The downloaded plugin files are zip files. Should they be unzipped before placing them in the local package folder?


@Jan I have never seen that downloaded plugins have .zip extension. It is usual .nupkg file (Nuget Package file).

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This is out of date, there is no link to download you just get a message saying you need to download it through the extension manager.

As someone who works on an air-gapped network and has a resharper license this is pretty poor.


@Mark you have to be logged in.


How do I sign in within Resharper?


Is it possible to automate extension installation, e.g. silent install?


When I follow the process, I do not see any available plugins in Extensions Manager while "jetbrains.annotations.11.0.0.nupkg" and "jetbrains.unity." files exist in the local plugin directory. I verified the configured plugin folder.

Do you have any suggestions?


All working now after upgrade

I have the same issue:

I downloaded the latest ForTea plugin, and saved the file jlebosquain.fortea.1.13.0.nupkg to c:\nuget

I set this folder in the extension manager as per this article

And I get nothing on the manage extensions dialog


If I check the default .NET Products gallery, I get some packages but not ForTea.

Version is: JetBrains ReSharper Ultimate 2018.2.3 Build 182.0.20180912.70621
ReSharper 2018.2.20180912.160227


Am I doing something wrong?

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I get nothing on the manage extensions dialog also. Any ideas??


ARG!!! Me either.. and I've totally installed NuGet packages from local folders before.
If I fork, build, and install my own fork, will it work?

(I may try it and if I do I'll come back and let you guys know.) :FaceFreakingPalm: !!


@Colin Mierowsky Which ReSharper version do you run?


@Sborsky Do you use the offline installation process? Which extension do you have in your local folder?


@Scott K. Fraley  Just replied to the question in the related ticket.


Hello everyone,


Please make sure that you use version of a plugin that corresponds to ReSharper version.

E.g. there's no ForTea version for ReSharper 2018.2. You can either use ForTea 1.12.0 with ReSharper 2018.1 or ForTea 1.13.0 with ReSharper 2018.3. There's also no ForTea for the latest ReSharper 2019.2.

If you have problem that doesn't relate to version imcompatibility please let us know.

Thank you.


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Is it possible to download package using nuget CLI ?


Hello everyone,

I don't see any version of plugin for ReSharper 2018.3. I just see the  version 1.11.0. Where can I find the version for ReSharper 2018.3?

Thank you.


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