ReSharper Fonts & Colors settings do not appear in Visual Studio after installation


  • ReSharper Fonts & Colors settings do not appear in Visual Studio after installation
  • Color Identifiers from Light Color Theme are used with a Dark Color Theme


  1. Close all Visual Studio instances
  2. Open C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio {VS version}\Common7\IDE\Extensions\extensions.configurationchanged file
  3. Type anything there
  4. Save the file
  5. Open VS and check Fonts and Colors in Tools | Options | Environment


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I had this issue with ReSharper 9.  Right after I installed it for the first time, I could not get the color settings to show up.  I did an in-place reinstall and that fixed them.  All of my color settings back.


This fixed my issue! I have spent hours trying to figure out how to fix the Light Theme Color Identifiers in a dark theme. Thank you!!! 


I am running Resharper 10.0.2 and can't seem to get rid of this problem.

I have set my colors in the options, but visual studio 2013 still ignores my settings.

I have tried touching the extensions.configurationchanged file but that doesn't make a difference either.

What options do I have left ?


This caused visual studio 2015 to disable all of my extensions and the enable button for resharper is greyed out.

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this solution didnt help me, PLEASE help i just bought resharper and thinking about canceling my sub if there are many unfixed bugs


I too had this problem in VS 2017 and fixed it by repairing the install. (Pull up the Jetbrains toolbox, on the gear icon next to Resharper open the menu and select configure. From there I could repair the installs.)


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