'Another instance of ReSharper with the same License' error message


With the new subscription model started November 2015, you can run multiple personal licensed copies at the same time (like on laptop and desktop for remote debugging client/server apps).

The same is true for the commercial subscriptions, however, there is also an additional requirement: your operating system username (login) must be the same on all the systems where you will run multiple tool copies at the same time.

If a single License Key is used on two machines at the same time and the requirement is not being followed, the following information dialog will appear:


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Same problem.  We bought (10 licenses) with the understanding we'd be able to simultaneously debug on any of our machines.  The username restriction makes that impossible.

We've just started using Resharper but will switch to CodeRush if we have to.

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I work on different desktop computers and I also have laptops, sometimes use Parallels and other VM:s. To constantly get this error message makes me regret my 300 euro buy and instead start to look for free extensions and visual studio 2019 features. This is not productive, just frustrating. I have almost a year left on my subscription but if it doesnt get fixed I wont even use what's left of it. 


This should obviously be checked against something else and not operating system user.


Resharper is really the best but this is not ok.

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This is a ridiculous policy and its extremely annoying.

I get you want to protect IP, maybe restrict to when you see 3 or more instances. I commonly code side by side on two machines, and this is just a way to annoy your customers. I am not buying two licenses, so seriously quit trying to outsmart pirates and pay attention to your real customers.

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This problem is four years old and still hasn't been addressed, with nary a comment from JetBrains.  Inexcusable.


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