License Key issues after ReSharper 10/2016.x upgrade

Please follow through this article to troubleshoot most common License Keys issues after ReSharper 10 upgrade.

General License Keys and JBA issues with ReSharper 10

Depending on environment, active licenses available and installed products, the general troubleshooting steps to fix the issues are:

  • Close all VS instances and JetBrains dotX products
  • Launch single VS instance
  • Open ReSharper | Help | License Information dialog
  • Open 'Manage JB account' dialog
  • Log out from JetBrains Account there
  • Log in with JBA back
  • Gently close all dialogs

Doing this will re-request the actual License Keys and in most cases will activate ReSharper and other tools normally.

Note: if using JBA is not an option for you, please use the Offline Activation Code as follows: open your account on, click on "Download activation code for offline usage" and then enter the code from the downloaded file in "License Information | Manage License Keys" dialog.

ReSharper prompts to re-login in JetBrains Account on every VS start

This may happen if the new JetBrains 'Toolbox' All Products License is associated with JetBrains Account used in Visual Studio, and several products are installed:

For workaround, please open your account on, click on "Download activation code for offline usage" and then enter the code from the downloaded file in "License Information | Manage License Keys" dialog.

Note: Do not forget to uncheck "Use JB account" checkbox after that.

Your license key cannot be found in the JetBrains database

If you are getting "Your license key cannot be found in the JetBrains database" error when trying to convert the legacy key, please use this form to convert it:

In case the key is not accepted by the form, please double check that you do not have a typo in it, try to copy/paste without LICENSE BEGIN/END lines.

Contact the sales team so that they can check your key if all the above doesn't help.

Activation code error License server response: First name must be specified to exchange your license

This error message can be seen on the 1st launch of ReSharper 10, with a Commercial License Key from ReSharper 9.2; meaning that ReSharper wasn't able to automatically convert the License Key to the new format.


To do that manually, please open ReSharper | Help | License Information | Click on "Spanner" icon for "Use License Keys" section | Click "Request Activation Code" | File fields with your data and click OK.

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What the freaking heck is up with the "Download activation code for offline usage" file? It's a freaking 2,641 character text string that is an Invalid License key. There is nothing in any of the help sections of this website.

Why am I not given a freaking License Key with my purchase? All previous version have had a license key that I can just simply enter. And what is the freaking "User Name" field in the "Add New License" dialog? Is it your username to login to, is it your email? WTF?


@Isaak, I would appreciate if you could send the details (screenshot of error and activation code itself) on my email: alex[dot]berezoutsky[at]jetbrains[dot]com. I'll try to help!


Hi, i have a valid license, but its not working in visual studio 2015. why is that?


I can't log into Manage JetBrains Account yet my credentials work on the website.  I completely agree with Isaac regarding the confusing Account field.  


Getting "Activation code error No valid response returned by license server" for resharper 10.0.2




@Henry having the same issue, have you found a solution?


@Job I created JetBrains account and using those settings to detect license key which has resolved the issue.


I would like to use offline code or legacy license code, as opposed to login into the JetBrains account. Can you please provide steps to do this?


it's VERY annoying, that the updater installs versions that are not covered by the current license. it should at least show a message saying that the current license doesn't cover the latest version, and installing it will require a license update.

in addition, the installer tool (on 'clean' installation) should allow the user to enter the license key, and automatically install the latest version that runs with this key.

... now i'll have to uninstall again to reinstall an older version... >:-(


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