ReSharper Tool windows empty on VS 2019


We are using ReSharper on many PCs, but on one all R#-tool-windows (like "Build & Run") are empty (or completely transparent).

I already tried reinstalling R#, but that did not help :-(

Any ideas what I could do?

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Hello everyone!

We've published blog post describing in details the problem, its reasons, workaround and plans to fix -

Thank you.

Hello Fink!


Please try disabling the option Optimize rendering for screens with different pixel densities on the page Tools | Options | Environment | General.

Thank you.


Thanks for the quick reply. This worked - now I have content in the windows :-)


The solution worked for me, too.



wished i had found this thread before i reinstalled everything :D


Are there any plans to fix this issue so that we can run Visual Studio with the optimize rendering option turned on?  It is a very useful feature.


Hello Martin!


We are already working on the fix, please follow the issue to get the latest updates on it -

Thank you. 


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