Resharper is impractically slow

I started using Resharper C++ (VS2019) a week ago, where up until the I used Visual Assist.

I customized most of the features and it's nice. Unfortunately, it's unbearably slow (without it there are no issues). When I'm writing code - even comments - in the editor, there are random freezes of a couple of seconds, which are intolerable. For me, the assist side is a nice to have, but it should never interfere with or delay my writing.  

I tried suggested solutions that I found online and disabled a lot of features, and also tried to limit the number of cores, but to no avail. I believe there's something inherently wrong with it: does Resharper interfere with the main thread or are all its operations asynchronous on low priority (which can be limited to a single working thread)? Clearly it's the former. Until this is confirmed by the team with a given date when it would be fixed, I find the product unusable. I don't have fate in trying to speed it up or delve into log files until this main design is fixed. That is, I don't care when the Intellisense or squiggles pop-up or if they show at all; there should never be any delays when I'm writing code.

The comments on this article don't give me faith:

Permanently deleted user


Assuming initial indexing is done, most of the hangs will come from garbage collections pauses, which stop all the threads. ReSharper is a managed extension, and consumes memory to parse code, run its analysis, etc. The length of garbage collections pauses will also get longer when the solution is large, and the Visual Studio process consumes a lot of memory.

If you send us a timeline performance trace ( which captures some hangs (or slow typing if it happens on your files), we'll be happy to investigate.

If you've been trying out the 2018.3 release, please also try upgrading to 2019.1 which came out last week ( We did a lot of performance work in this release, and memory usage should get better among other things.

If you find the hangs interrupt your workflow too much and that ReSharper's features do not offset this, then ReSharper is probably not for you yet - that's why we offer a trial period. We are working on moving ReSharper out of the Visual Studio process, but do not have an estimate yet when this work fill finish.



The new version is a significant improvement, and it's now bearable. I still don't understand why resharper operates in any time outside cpu idle, but it's fine for now.


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