"We've noticed that extension 'ReSharper Ultimate' is slowing Visual Studio" message

In case you get this


and this


or that


We have no idea how MS team counts that number of seconds in VS performance monitor. Sometimes it complains about its Error List  https://developercommunity.visualstudio.com/content/problem/16041/vs-2017-rc-weve-noticed-that-a-tool-window-error-l.html or something else.

If you notice a real performance problem apart from that message, first of all, please try following this guide https://www.jetbrains.com/help/resharper/Speeding_Up_ReSharper.html

If those steps did not help and you still experience the performance problem, please follow https://resharper-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/articles/207243205 article to send us a perf snapshot.


You don't deny the fact that the IDE freezes when it boots up, though, right?

Just an observation.


It gets old having to manually close the major yellow banner across the top, but indeed, performance isn't truly affected. 

I would follow your guide for performance, but it explicitly means I must disable features that I would rather not disable.
Guess it's something to deal with like many things in life. I refuse to go back to Visual Studio without resharper. So if I must toil with a yellow banner, so be it..

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on the right - "Never show this again"


There, I fixed it


I'm afraid that in my experience R# creates significant slowdown during loading of large projects and even worse during debugging, especially when compared to VAX, I really hope this can be improved upon.


I also get this warning from Visual Studio (so that people googling it can find this page).

Extension 'JetBrains ReSharper Ultimate 2017.3.3 11.0' likely caused 7 seconds of unresponsiveness. Disabling it may improve your experience.


I also get this message every single time I open Visual Studio 2017. And sure, I can have it stop showing the message. (By the way, mine says it cause 11 seconds of unresponsiveness.) But it is annoying that it takes so long to start up!

And like ensemblebd, I have reviewed the Performance Guide that Resharper keeps recommending I use to improve performance, but then why use Resharper at all? Most of the stuff it recommends to disable is stuff I want to use! If I disabled all of the preferences affecting performance that it recommended, then I might as well not even start up Resharper and just use the built-in VS enhancements that they have made. I am about ready to completely disable R# for a day and see how performance is without it!


The performance is so terrible, I have found integrated roslyn VS2017 extensions to pretty much replace all of resharper, at least for the actions and functions my team uses. We all immediately noticed VS2017 is super responsive and usable again. So far that is 10 of us moving off of reshaper and cancelling subscriptions. I will say took me about 2 weeks to get used to the differences, but with the latest release of VS2017 and the reshaper keyboard mapping we are fully joy.


#ByeResharper #NeverLookBack

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Same thing here, but my only problem with the banner is the visual disturbance. Is there a way to suppress it specifically for ReSharper? I don't want to disable the warning for all addons.


Same here. This is getting old!

Running windows 10 on bootcamp on MacBook Pro Touchbar (custom build with upgraded CPU)


Guys, guys, those are rookie numbers! Its telling me it is causing 60+ seconds of unresponsiveness!!!

It's a big solution (70+ projects) but to me that seems unreasonable

My set up is Windows 10 Enterprise 64 bit, Intel Core i7-8650U @ 1.90GHz 2.11GHz, 32GB RAM

I've turned off all the VS features that were reccomended by Resharper in the performance options section apart from codelense, as I find this very useful and turned off Solution wide analysis in Resharper too. However it is still clunky as hell. Its my first few weeks using Resharper and I want to give it an honest try, but I can't work with it atm and if I'm honest all of the features my colleagues tell me about to try and convince already exist in vs 2017 so as of the moment I'm not sold


Is anyone at jetbrains listening to this? How can I justify paying licensing fees when most of the time I am running VS with Resharper disabled. The solution I am working on is big (70 + projects) but for R# do hinder performance on VS on a 6 core 12 thread 64GB machine is inexcusable especially since the solution is fine when R# is off.


I think it would be funny, if we used [dotMemory] and [dotTrace] to profile it. 
The results should be quite interesting. 



I would presume it has to do with preloading, since it happens at boot up. ReSharper has a lot of work to do, I'm sure. 
So it would be enlightening to see which bit of the code is to blame. 
It is noteworthy though that ALL jetBrains products have a significant boot up. 
It's clearly a strategy to their internal development. And likely for good reasons.

Surely a tick-box for Threaded loading, with a "please wait" in the bottom status bar, would be more useful than load-blocking the main-thread.
Is it not possible to use threads in vstudio extensions? Hmm..

I realize though, that such a thing isn't part of the business strategy of corporate development. We might be on our here guys. And understandably so (sadly).

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While there might be some truth to ReSharper slowdowns, I experience that message with every one of my plugins (PostSharp, NCrunch, GhosDoc, etc.). I'm afraid that Visual Studio is just trying to deflect attention away from its own poor performance. Whoever on the VS team thought that this blame game was going to reflect well on them is deluded.


I just tried to reload my solution without R# and the process is slow as well.

Tim Long: "I'm afraid that Visual Studio is just trying to deflect attention away from its own poor performance."

Couldn't agree more.

I personally do my development mostly in Rider.Net.


Does Resharper utilize the proper Async features of the Visual Studio SDK (AsyncPackage, async service querying etc.)? I noticed for various other extensions that due to their synchronous nature, Visual Studio tracks them as blocking. In such occasions where you're not using the Async features, it easily can happen that you block the main thread which is then likely reported as this "yellow bar". 

Microsoft is extending and promoting the use of *Async methods for various VSSDK features and I think they even plan to remove quite some synchronous APIs in VS2019. I saw some Activity Log entries reporting that extensions will not work as they are using synchronous loading. 

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I use Resharper with Visual Studio on Parallels, ReSharper performance continually decreases and and now is at the point that parallels hangs completely if I debug an application with Resharper enabled if I disable it, its fine. I have looked at the posts about switching off features to speed things up, but this is not a solution. I have been a customer for years and might need to cancel my subscription as it is now unusable.


Who cares how they count from what point... Stop looking for excuses, take ownership and fix resharper.. The links you gave, along from others on your site:




go back years with people complaining.

My Visual Studio on a i7/NVME ssd is grinding to a halt on a relatively small (compared to others) project... I have a i5 Surface next to me with a fraction of my spec with VS (without Resharper) installed - I'm able to do basic tasks SO much quicker.

When Resharper is disabled, everything goes back to normal.

I love Resharper, but, enough is enough... My sub is up in a couple of months - I'll hold out for the next update, but, if it doesn't fix things, I'm gone...


I have cancelled my subscription as I have had to finally disable resharper. I suspect the product is at the end of its life, it seems the writing is on the wall.
I have tried suggested fixes, but this just switches off features, disabling being the ultimate fix.

I followed instructions to crest the logs and apparently there is nothing useful in the log files that were sent, so what more can I do to help debug their product.

I am missing the features, but at least I can get work done now without delays and frustration.

I really want to be positively about the product and just want it to work. So frustrating.

I have voiced my concerns, I am an unhappy customer and seems I am not alone. I am not convinced this product has a future, every time I update the product it’s gets worse not better. Pleas prove me wrong.


I have disabled mine as well.  Sadly.

When you have to wait between 800ms and 3200ms for a keystroke to register, something is CLEARLY wrong. 

This my friends is why you don't hire Java programmers (who eat memory for snacks before breakfast & operate on large amounts of coffee predeterminedly), to produce mission critical applications.
Maybe that was a bit of a blanket statement, but every single one of their products is slow to bootup. <Insert your alternative reasoning for that here>. 
Problem is, this product is slow during usage, to a significant degree (you can't even type). 

As with others, I have tried all recommendations to improve performance. All. 

The only solution that resolves it, is to have a very small project that does not use javascript bundles (anything over 1k in js lines).
But if you have a small project, why not just use VS Code? 

I'm going to go ahead and unfollow this article. I can see the path to come. Good luck people.


Could someone suggest alternatives to replace resharpers best features?



In the final release of VS 2019 it now warns you the synchronous extensions will no longer be supported in the future (this warning was generated by my Resharper)


I looove Resharper and my relationship with it is the epitome of "It's complicated", an abusive relationship fed by my unhealthy addictions to its sweet, sweet suggestions and helpful tips. But... every time I have to open a solution I can literally go out, have a cup of coffee, smoke a cigarette, get back, talk to some colleagues, do some hallway usability testing, have a snack, rest on the couch a bit, play some games on the xbox, maybe look at the sunset as it's getting late, log timesheet, go home, watch a movie, go back to work, have a morning coffee and watch as the VS 2017 solution finally loads. This is how long it takes to load System.Reactive solution, without resharper it's all done within 5 seconds. I don't know what it does all that time though, the CPU isn't used, 5 GB of memory is unused, it just keeps on loading.... Writing in the immediate window or the c# interactive window.... or any VS window is technically impossible due to lag. I only wish I knew what the hell it does every time I type a letter in any of those windows that takes seconds, literal SECONDS to finish, for every single key stroke. These issues have been going on since the first time we found out about Resharper which is at very least 5 years ago and haven't been dealt with in any way other than suggesting us to disable VS features that only cause a mere, unnoticeable fraction of the slowdown. We all have Optiplex 9020 here but the issue has been exactly the same for any Dell station before that. We don't even buy new licenses any more, once each developer finally and ultimately gives up on it, we just pass the license off to the next virgin developer hoping maybe it'll work out for him but alas it always ends the same. We'll now get new stations with 32 gigs of ram and brand spanking new CPUs, the latest that the current technology can offer and if they are unable to make Resharper perform to a barely acceptable degree then I will finally give up on the thing and just have to accept the fact that I'll have to either learn to deal with implicitly captured closures my self or change the career. It will be a messy break up but I'll do it so help me, I will, I'll give up modified closure warnings, the ever so lovely "add to resources" shortcut, I will... Even the null assignment checks, I'll give all that up too.... I mean I'll seriously consider it. Damn you Resharper for being so useful but so slow!

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I felt the same way, tried to contact support and send them the logs they asked for but apparently there was "nothing in the logs", I explained the situation but they cant help without those, I have uninstalled and cancelled my subscription, and have gone from an ambassador of the product to a complete detractor, Using Rider and jumping through hoops to get it fixed is not a solution to me, a product and it's customer service should mostly just work.


Slowness is probably the most (in)famous aspect of ReSharper to my knowledge, and a major reason for not starting to use it or quitting using it. I don't think users would at all mind if one whole release was fully dedicated to fighting this (ideally successfully). It's not unusable for the projects we work on so we do use it, but the performance hit (mainly to loading) is still noticeable.


Using ReSharper Ultimate 2018.3.4 and Visual Studio 2019, you cannot get rid of this dialog,

it pops up every single time you start VS2019:
( you can get rid of the yellow screen but not this one!? )


It's a sad day for ReSharper, it has become totally unproductive, the opposite of what it's supposed to be: a productivity tool. I followed all optimizations specified in the guide to improve performances and still my visual studio crashes at least twice a day on a good day, I've seen days where it crashed over 10 times. I never have any crashes when it is suspended.  Subscription is up in May, I probably won't renew, I have more frustrations than anything and lost productivity in the last few months. 

As I write this, Visual Studio just restarted on its own with an out of memory exception once more, something that never happens with ReSharper disabled...

Love hate relationship... maybe it's time to let go...


Here's a new one - just in case anyone tries to google it.

"We've noticed that extension 'JetBrains ReSharper Utilmate 2018.1.2' is slowing typing performance"


Seriously??? You blame microsoft for inaccurate time measurements when in fact your blotware is just poorly optimized.

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Just to add another voice to the deafening calls for JetBrains to treat performance as a feature, I get the following wall of warnings in VS 2019:

Despite the claims from JetBrains that this is a problem with Visual Studio's measurement rather than a bug in ReSharper, I actually experience slow typing performance and non-responsiveness corresponding to the warnings being shown here.

One or more of your installed extensions will not be compatible with a future Visual Studio update.
We've noticed that extension 'JetBrains ReSharper Ultimate 2018.3.4' is slowing typing performance.
Visual Studio stopped responding for 5 seconds. Disabling the extension JetBrains ReSharper Ultimate 2018.3.4 183.0 might help.



Cancelled the subscription today - after VS2019 complaining about the extension - sync load will be disabled in the future anyhow - and using ReSharper has gone from must-have-best-coding-experience-extension to horrible-terrifying-and-no-update-extension.


And one more possible outcome for this wonderful product. I guess I'll keep ReSharper and uninstall Visual Studio, since that's the product we're told is the problem and not Jetbrain's product...


Funny fact, I had it disabled all week, VS never crashed once. I enabled it today and boom...



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