Resharper performance issues

Not sure if this is the correct place for this, if not please close.

I have been using reshaper for a really long time, and it seems like as of late the performance has really been an issue. I use visual studio with all the latest updates. Does Visual Studio lightbulb (quick actions) interfere with ReSharper. I often have the problem where ReSharper just does not want to work anymore. So then I have to restart VS. 




Thank you for the feedback.

Do I understand correctly that VS hangs when using ReSharper? 

In this case could you please provide dump as described in the [article] (

You can submit the dump privately via 'Submit a request' form. Please don't forget to describe the steps that lead to the problem.
Thank you.


Hi all, exactly: "... it seems like as of late the performance has really been an issue". Resharper becomes unusable. E.g., after each copy/paste of 1 line of code, VS hangs for 2 - 10 seconds. When Resharper is disabled, everything works like a charm.


Hello Coder!
Sorry to know you've experienced performance problems.
As we are very interested in improving performance we need to determine the cause of the problem in every single case.
Could you please provide performance snapshot as described in the [article] ( Please specify the steps that lead to the problem in the snapshot details.
We'd be really grateful for assistance.
P.S. Please also refer to the following [guide] ( describing how to speed up ReSharper + VS

Thank you.


Hi Angelina, you guys should make it easier to get the dump file. I don't want to go through the whole process of running the dump.

The problem is, it happens intermittently. Not sure if it can be this, but I have 27 projects in one solution we have already removed some projects that do not need to be in the solution.

Anyways so I disabled ReSharper to check if VS will speed up, and lo and behold VS is running like a well-oiled machine.



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