[Feature request]: Combine "File structure" with Code Cleanup template

Short version:
I would like to have a window as "File Structure", but with the option to order/group content as the code cleanup template can do.

Long version:
I currently use the file structure window to navigate in my source files. Before I save new files (and if I remember to do this before I save edited files) I try to organize the file's properties/methods etc. with a template (currently not using Resharper's built in template functionality, haven't had time to learn that one yet).

I then get a "file structure" window with all methods/properties etc. grouped and sorted as I want for easy navigation.
The problem is when a file is checked in and not sorted/cleaned already. If I reorder the file members I will mess upp file history (Annotate with TFS anyone? :]) and make merging/diff etc. for other users more difficult.

If Resharper had a "File structure"-window that was dynamically organized via a certain template (such as the code cleanup template), I don't have to worry about reordering methods/members in the actual source since I could navigate easily via this window instead of reordering the source.


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Yeees, we've been considering the functionality for a long time, but hadn't
a chance to implement it yet.

Serge Baltic
JetBrains, Inc — http://www.jetbrains.com
“Develop with pleasure!”

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An addition to this feature:
If this would to be implemented, one could also think that this new "dynamically created" window is not only limited to the current file. Maybe it could update when e.g. hovering with the mouse over a type name or a variable name etc.
I think this would greatly improve the user experience (and then Resharper would get a competitive functionality to Visual Assist and its "Hovering Class Browser" feature).


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