VS 2012 Update 3 is hanging up after R# update to 8 version

I turned off R# intellisense and switched on only VS intellisense and it seems that hanging up is over. Now all is working fine.
I noticed that VS started to hang up from 10 seconds up to 1 minute roughly.

What can I do to give you some kind of profiling of this issue?

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I'm experiencing similar issues on VS2013U3 with a not very large ASP.NET MVC 3 .NET 4 solution with 16 projects and 800 classes.
Disabling ReSharper intellisense has no appearent effect, it still uses 100% cpu for 30-60 seconds every time I open the solution which is significantly higher load over more time that the same solution used with ReSharper 7 a week ago.


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