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Visual Studio with ReSharper is slow

Alex Berezoutsky
posted this on June 06, 2013 16:42

We do our best in terms of ReSharper performance, however there are some known and unknown cases where ReSharper can slow down Visual Studio.

Here are some key points to troubleshoot and fix the performance issues with ReSharper.

  1. Hardware. Though the recommended hardware is Dual-Core CPU and 4 Gb RAM, this configuration can be a bottleneck when working with ReSharper on a big-sized solutions. Adding more RAM and using a Solid State Drive (SSD) instead of HDD can help a lot.
  2. OS. ReSharper is operating with memory a lot, so we recommend to use modern x64 OS, like Windows 7 x64 and Windows 8 x64. Old operation systems, like Windows XP, are known to be a cause of the poor performance.
  3. Visual Studio configuration. ReSharper may conflict with the other Visual Studio addins and extensions - in case of slowdowns, please try to disable the other addins one-by-one and check if it helps to speed up VS with ReSharper. Here are some examples of known compatibility issues with other addins:
    • Productivity Power Tools
    • VSCommands
    Also, you may try turning off the following options under "Tools | Options | Environment | General":
    • Automatically adjust visual experience based on client performance
    • Use hardware graphics acceleration if available
  4. ReSharper configuration. Though ReSharper provides quite a few powerful and useful features, some of them can be tweaked or turned off in terms of improving the speed. Here are some examples:
    • Turn off Solution Wide Analysis (SWA) in "ReSharper | Options | Code Inspection | Settings", 'Analyze errors in whole solution' checkbox
    • Switch back to Visual Studio IntelliSense in "ReSharper | Options | Environment | IntelliSense | General" dialog
    • Clearing caches for current solution in "ReSharper | Options | Environment | General" dialog
  5. Verifying that slowdown is caused by ReSharper. To do that, simply suspend ReSharper as described here and check if performance issues are still present.
  6. Trying other suggestions. Almost all known scenarios and steps to speed up Visual Studio with ReSharper are covered in this document: Ultimate Guide to Speeding Up ReSharper (and Visual Studio).
  7. Using built-in dotTrace Performance Profiler core. If performance issues are crucial, you may capture a performance snapshot and upload it to JetBrains Team, so we can investigate the performance issue you encounter and give some specific recommendations for you.
    In the ReSharper 7 and above you may do that straight away with 'ReSharper | Help | Profile Visual Studio'. This action will start the profiling of the VS immediately - after you finish doing the repro actions (basically, reproduce the slowdown), please press the 'Get Snapshot' button in the dialog.

    After profiling is complete, you 'll be able to upload the snapshot to our FTP server, so we could investigate it to provide a solution and/or bugfix for the performance issues.




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Why is resharper so slow? I used to use resharper years ago and stopped due to the terrible performance.  I am trying it once again and I do not see any improvement.  I have tried your suggestions above and they do not help.  I just tried to reformat 600 lines of code in a .cshtml file and with resharper running and it took over 90 seconds to run.  I suspended resharper and the same procedure completed in 4 seconds.  If I try to highlight code using the mouse I have to click drag and then wait as much as 5 seconds for the highlighting to complete.  Is this typical of your product even after all these years?  Is there some setting not mentioned above I need to change?  I would like to use your product but rather than in creasing productivity it seems to do nothing but bog everything down. 

February 04, 2014 20:51
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Does the DTP file contain any sensitive information about the solution currently loaded in memory (assembly, code, classes, etc.)?

May 21, 2014 20:09
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Alex Berezoutsky

@Scduberger, no, it does not. You may download dotTrace Performance Profiler ( and view the snapshot there by yourself.

May 22, 2014 12:21