Resharpers intellisense is slow compared to Visual Studio's


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Me and a colleague both have issues with Resharpers Intellisense being a little too slow since we've first got it. The simplest example is typing out the following line of code:

"bool test = f"

and hitting return.

Here is what it looks like with the Resharper Intellisense - return is treated as line break.

And here, with Visual Studio's Intellisense - return triggers auto completion of false.


We hit this issue surprisingly often - our only option is to slow it down a bit (type in a few extra letters - 'fals' - then return.) In the 'heat of the moment' though, we'll often hit return too fast which'll cause us to stop, backspace, type in a few more letters ('als'), wait briefly for the popup and hit return. It's a little thing. We only need to wait a little while (fraction of a second) but it is long enough for resharper to miss lots of autocompletions. 

I used a simple boolean as an example, just to show that it isn't caused by accessing a class bloated with member variables and methods (which might potentially cause Resharper to chug) - This is just a simple boolean.


Maybe it will help if you set the option "Automatically show parameter info in milliseconds" to zero. You will find it in "Environment/Intellisense/Parameter Info". Normally R# waits 50 millisconds before the intellisense popup is shown.

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Thanks for the reply. 

"Parameter Info/Automatically show parameter info in milliseconds" was already at 0 on both of our machines, so that doesn't seem to be the issue.


Here's another example. Happens on all projects for me:

Typing too fast consecutively causes completion to never actually show, no matter how long you wait.


I am also having this problem. Resharper 2017.1.1 on VS 2017 (but this problem has been around for at least a year). I have sent a performance snapshot and am happy to help further debug.

I tried submitting a performance snapshot via Resharper's Problem Report, but I got an error so instead I uploaded the performance report to The filename is "".

In the snapshot, I type "this." over and over again (deleting it after each try). If I type at my natural speed (and I am not a particularly fast typist), Resharper's intellisense never appears, even after typing the dot. If I slow down my typing, then Resharper's intellisense will properly appear mid-"this" and properly update after typing the dot. (To be clear it's not just a problem when typing "this" -- it happens when typing pretty much anything.)

My "start automatic completion on typing after" setting is set to 10ms. (It was 50ms and I lowered it in an attempt to fix this issue, but to no avail.)

Please let me know what more information I can provide. I'm happy to help debug.



@Walt I filed a new request on YouTrack to investigate the snapshot file you'd sent us



Any updates on getting this issue fixed?


I'm interested in this as well. I seem to have the same issue being reported here. It is disruptive enough that my R# license is currently not being used as having it active is too detrimental to my workflow. 


Hello @Mscranton!


Sorry to know you experience inconvenience with ReSharper.

Could you pleasecollect a performance snapshot as described here and send for us so we could investigate it.

Thanks in advance!


Same issue here. Intellisense not showing after dot. When i hit Ctrl+Space intellisense shows but too slow (abt 1-2 secs) late.

Just uploaded my performance snapshot.

Please advise.





Hello Rupert!


Thank you for the provided snapshot.

Please follow the issue in our tracker to get the latest updates on the problem -

Thank you.


I have the same issue. Except for it takes a couple of SECONDS before ReSharper shows the IntelliSense. I'm desperate at this point. I repaired the Visual Studio installation, that fixed the issue - No Resharper was installed. Now I installed ReSharper to visual studio and problem is back. It drives me nuts.. 



Hello @Vmachacek!


Sorry to know you experience inconvenience with ReSharper.

Could you please collect a performance snapshot as described here, specify the steps that lead to the problem in the snapshot details and send for us so we could investigate it.

Thanks in advance!


Now I see the yellow bar saying Extension Resharper likely to cause 8 seconds of unresponsiveness. And VS prompting me to disable it


Hello Vojta!


Could you please specify issue ID of the submitted snapshot?

Thanks in advance.


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