How to get a performance snapshot for ReSharper Command Line Tools

1. Download and install dotTrace Performance profiler from | Select 64-bit version

2. Start dotTrace and select Profile Local App

3. In the Standalone section enable "Advanced"

- specify a path to the ReSharper Command Line Tool (e.g. cleanupcode.exe) at the "Application:" field,

- specify the tool's arguments in the next "Arguments:" field.

4. Make sure the following options are set in Profiler Options:

- Needed profiling type: Timeline | Sampling

- Enable Collect profiling data from start

- Click Run

5. Wait while the tool finishes its work.

6. In dotTrace Performance Viewer, save the resulting snapshot using the File | Export Snapshot... menu

7. Compress the snapshot file using Zip

8. Upload the file via and let us know the Upload ID once the snapshot is uploaded.

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