Cannot add new files from template in VS2022

I'm using ReSharper 2022.3, just updated Visual Studio 2022 to the version 17.4.3.

I used to be able to use ReSharper's template capability but after updating, it seems like I can't add any new files using the templates I defined in ReSharper anymore. Anybody has any idea what's causing this?

Ctrl+Alt+Ins doesn't work too, "ReSharper Is Thinking" message appears and nothing happens after it disappears.

Going through Extensions > ReSharper > Edit > Create New File also yield the same results.


I tried with Visual Studio 2019, works just fine.

thank you for contacting us.
Does it happen in all solutions or only in specific ones?
Thank you!

Thanks for the reply. I didn't check if it's solution specific when I posted.

But this morning (GMT+8) it seems to be that it resolved on its own. The menu is available again. I wonder what happens.

Hello Adam,
thank you for letting me know.
Please feel free to contact us in case of any problems or questions.
Thank you!

I am experiencing this problem also. But mine has not fixed itself. I recently upgrade Visual Studio 2022 to v17.9.5, and ReSharper to version 2023.3.4. It is not happening in all solutions/repos.


Hello Doug Belkofer, thank you for your question. Does the issue happen for a newly created solution?

Does the Alt+Ctrl+Insert shortcut work for you? If it doesn't work, then please try to collect a log file using the steps below and send it to us using the “Submit a request” button above.

  1. Select ReSharper | Navigate | Go to Action;
  2. Type logger /all;
  3. Enable Verbose logging level;
  4. Reproduce the issue using “Alt+Ctrl+Insert”;
  5. Provide the log file (its location is specified at the top of Logger Configuration tool window);
  6. Don't forget to disable the logging.

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