How to use multiple dictionaries for spell-checking

I have downloaded the dictionary (and related files) for german spellchecking. if i turn off the english dict and turn on the german dict, stuff gets spellchecked for german. (i.e.: German words are OK, english words get curly lines.). When i turn off the german dict and turn on the english one, it's vice versa.

However, most of my code is in english, while lots of static strings and comments are in german. i would thus like to use both the english and the german spellchecking. However, if i turn on both dicts, allmost every german word is complained about.

Is it not possible to use more than one dict at the same time?

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Hello Thomas,
thank you for contacting us.
Unfortunately, there is an issue with multiple dictionaries, We have tickets about it in YouTrack:,
You are welcome to comment on it and vote.
Thank you!

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