Error installation when get service powershell commandlet return error

I try install Resharper, but installation process is fail. I inspect logs, detect problem when installer get list windows services - in my case: one service return error. I try get list services of powershell script installer:

gsv |?{($_.Status -eq 'Running') -and (($_.Name -like 'JetBrainsEtw.*') -or ($_.Name -eq 'JetBrainsEtwHost'))}|spsv -Force

Console error: 

Get-Service: Service 'McpManagementService (McpManagementService)' cannot be queried due to the following error:

I propose fix script, ignore error when get services, for example:

gsv -ErrorAction Ignore |?{($_.Status -eq 'Running') -and (($_.Name -like 'JetBrainsEtw.*') -or ($_.Name -eq 'JetBrainsEtwHost'))}|spsv -Force

Installer log: Upload id: 2022_10_17_tsPcu8DB6AcXV4rPJdPiMa (file: InstallLog_2022-10-17T12-56-59.txt)

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Thank you for contacting us.

The installer failed when it tries to install ETW Service required for profilers only. This should not affect general ReSharper features. Could you please attach the following log:

Do you have any powershell version installed on your machine? ETW Service uses it to perform its installation. Could you please execute $PSVersionTable.PSVersion in powershell console?
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Name                           Value
----                           -----
PSVersion                      7.2.6
PSEdition                      Core
GitCommitId                    7.2.6
OS                             Microsoft Windows 10.0.19044
Platform                       Win32NT
PSCompatibleVersions           {1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0…}
PSRemotingProtocolVersion      2.3
WSManStackVersion              3.0


Upload id: 2022_10_20_Bg6fouqTHQ4uCpxqwMgA8u (file: InstallLog_2022-10-17T12-57-17_msi.txt)

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Thank you for attaching logs.

An error occurs on this step:

MSI (s) (44:E0) [12:57:18:488]: Executing op: CustomActionSchedule(Action=StopOldServices,ActionType=3073,Source=BinaryData,Target=WixQuietExec64,CustomActionData="C:\Windows\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe" -Command "gsv|?{($_.Status -eq 'Running') -and (($_.Name -like 'JetBrainsEtw.*') -or ($_.Name -eq 'JetBrainsEtwHost'))}|spsv -Force")
MSI (s) (44:40) [12:57:18:490]: Invoking remote custom action. DLL: C:\Windows\Installer\MSID3AD.tmp, Entrypoint: WixQuietExec64
WixQuietExec64:  Cylance Script Control has blocked PowerShell from running.
WixQuietExec64:  Error 0xc0000022: Command line returned an error.
WixQuietExec64:  Error 0xc0000022: QuietExec64 Failed
WixQuietExec64:  Error 0xc0000022: Failed in ExecCommon method

It looks like Cylance Script Control has blocked access to PowerShell script used for ETW Service installation.

Please contact your security team and ask them to unblock PowerShell script control in Cylance Script Control. Otherwise, Dynamic Program Analysis feature won't work until you start JetBrains.Etw.Collector.Host.exe as a process manually, and you will be prompted for elevation when you start profiling session in dotTrace profiler. This does not affect other ReSharper product features.


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