Easier way to organize files into 'views' for development and navigation? Such as custom class or file 'Views'?


I have looked online, and also asked on Reddit and other forums, and have no solution for this.  I hope that ReSharper has a feature for this.


I have a .csproj with over 200 classes (as an example).  I have some classes such as "SomeNameComponent.cs" that I often work on.


These classes are spread about the project, its a bit cumbersome to search for all classes which end in "*Component.cs".


I am wondering if there is a way I can create "Custom Views" that do not acually change the file structure. These custom views would 'hide' files that I am not currently working on, and allow me to organize target files into 'Folders', or ways that are more meaningful to me.

This way, while I work on the "*Component.cs" classes, I can easily see all "*Component.cs" classes. When i am done with this, I can 'go back to the regular view', and all classes will now be visible again.


I hope that this makes sense.


Does ReSharper have a feature like this?



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Note that this is a C++-related forum. In C++ projects there actually is a way to create logical structure in solution explorer using filters files - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/cpp/build/reference/vcxproj-filters-files.

I'm not aware of anything similar for C#. If you want to just filter files based on their name, you can use ReSharper's "Go to file", type in the search filter, and then click "Show in Find Results". This way you'll have a separate tree view of files that match your filter.


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