Patial methods not sorting

I use File Layout on my team to help mitigate merge conflicts. We've established an order that our files should be arranged in and, generally speaking, everything works great, and we don't run into nearly as many merge conflicts as we used to. Unfortunately, the sorting rules don't seem to be applying to partial members. I can move regular fields, properties, and methods around the file all I want and R# will put them back where they belong, but it seems to ignore anything partial. Is this a bug or some intended behavior that I just don't understand?


Actually, it's even weirder. Everything in my class before the first partial member gets sorted, but items after that are ignored. It's like R# trips over the word "partial" and never recovers.


Hello Mel Grubb, thank you for your question. We don't seem to be aware of such issues.

I have checked the behavior you described, but could not reproduce it. Does the problem happen for a newly created solution or it's solution specific problem? Could you please provide a small piece of code where this doesn't work for you? Thank you!


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