Shelve in Perforce is not working as expected in Rider

I am using Rider and I can't get the Shelve in Perforce working properly. 

  • The first issue is when I try to use Shelve in Perforce for a changelist and add no message in the Commit Message section then it doesn't sheleve anything and it throw an "Error in line 10".
  • However, if I add a message in the Commit Message  then it creates a new changelist and shelve stuff in it. 
  • If I add message in the Commit Message which is the same as the name/description of the changelist then it would shelve it properly in the current changelist.

    I would like to just be able to shelve my changes with adding no commit message, instead of always copying and pasting the changelist name into the  Commit Message.

    FYI, this changelist was originally created in P4. 
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Hello Arash,

Looks like you've found the tracking issue for this bug already - We'll update the issue if there's any progress.



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