Finding wrapper write access through wrapped field write access

I have a particular QoL thorn I think should be fixable but I'm looking for some guidance and insight.

In our current project we use a generic `Property<>` wrapper around all entries in our data layer, which basically contains this:

public class Property<T>
public T Value { get; set; }

/* ... */

and then we'd have like

public class EmployeeData
public Property<string> name = new();
public Property<int> age = new();

The crux is when you're looking at usages for eg `` you end up with all access being read access (` = "Alice"`) but I'm wondering if there's some way to inform ReSharper to instead classify write access to `.Value` as write access to the entire property, so we don't have to read every read access hit to see if it really is a write access to `.Value` (extra much cognitive load to differentiate `.Value = "Alice"` v `.Value == "Alice"` in results).

I wouldn't mind dig in to making a plug-in, however I got a bit overwhelmed last thing I tried so I thought I'd check with an expert first.


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Hello Tobias, thank you for your question. ReSharper doesn't have such a functionality. But creating such a plugin shouldn't be difficult - you need to add a similar component:

public class CustomReferencedKindProvider : ReferenceOccurrenceKindProvider, IOccurrenceKindProvider
  public new virtual ICollection<OccurrenceKind> GetOccurrenceKinds(IOccurrence occurrence)
    if (occurrence is ReferenceOccurrence referenceOccurrence)
      // detect .Value access type here using referenceOccurrence.PrimaryReference
      // return either OccurrenceKind.Read or OccurrenceKind.Write
    return base.GetOccurrenceKinds(occurrence);

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!


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