How use ReSharper in Visual Studio 2022 with Japanese

This is my first post here from Japan.

Now, I'm using trial license of ReSharper & ReSharper C++ with Visual Studio 2022,


Please tell me step how to use these in VS2022 with Japanese messages?


Some members in my team, they're NOT good at English,

so it's more comfortable in Japanese than in English.

(I cannot choose replacing to another IDE from VS2022.)


If needed, I can make supporting tools, documents and settings.(when ReSharper(/C++) is unsupported Japanese with VS2022)

So, in this case, please tell me customizing steps for making Japanese mode by myself.


I apologize for my cheep English.(when understanding what I tell you is too hard.)





Unfortunately ReSharper does not provide localizations to other languages at the moment, although we're working on this.



Thanks for your reply.

I need no localizations, but my team need them.
The tool is so useful, so please take some supports for major languages or distribution for self-localizing in future.

I’ll tell my team about your reply.



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