How to prevent ReSharper C++ automatically startup in C# projects?

I just need to use ReSharper C++ in C++ projects, but it startup in C# projects and slow down my Visual Studio running speed seriously. Besides, ReSharper C++ has overrided Visual Studio quick actions so in C# projects the quick action is unavailable.

Please help me to solve this problem. Thanks!



To disable C# support you can turn off "ReSharper" on the "Products & Features" settings page.

You can also configure ReSharper so that VS actions are available if you want to.


Hello, thanks for reply.

I just installed ReSharper C++ and have not installed ReSharper, so I don't need to disable C# support. I just want to prevent ReSharper C++ from starting up automatically in C# or other non-c++ projects because it makes VS really slow in starting up.

If there's no way to solve this problem, please tell me how to configure ReSharper for VS quick actions.


Try the "Merge VS Quick Actions" setting. If that's not what you want to achieve, please describe the issue in more detail.


I have checked "Merge Visual Studio Quick Actions into ReSharper action indicator", and it seems no use. Then I also checked "Force getting Visual Studio Quick Actions",the problem still exists. The screenshot is shown below.

The first picture is produced by pressing Alt+Enter and the ReSharper C++ quick action showed. The second picture is produced  by clicking the Visual Studio Quick Action icon.

And this is my setting.


Thanks! It looks like there's some kind of issue in this scenario, we'll investigate. The Alt+Enter menu is supposed to look like this with VS actions merged:

I've created to track this issue. As a workaround, you can use Ctrl-. to open the list of VS actions, or rebind Alt+Enter to open the VS list for now.


Another option of course is to enable C# support in ReSharper and give it a try :) In this case VS actions should be properly merged into ReSharper's Alt+Enter menu.


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