ReSharper Intellisense unable to find types which is easily found by Visual Studio Intellisense.

Hi, I have a user-generated Qt type that the Visual Studio Intellisense can easily understand but ReSharper Intellisense is unable to.

ReSharper Intellisense:

VS Intellisense:

The 'ui.editor' is an object of a sub-class of 'QWidget' and in the UI file a 'QWidget' is promoted to this class. Is there any way I could get the ReSharper Intellisense to recognize the 'ui.editor' class type and work in the same way as VS Intellisense does?

Or, is there any way I can switch ReSharper Intellisense to VS Intellisense on the fly using any key combination on my keyboard?



We'd need a way to reproduce this to take a closer look, but so far it looks like npi::cfgs::plot::Editor is not visible from ui_plotconfigdisp.h. Please make sure that ui_plotconfigdisp.h includes the required header or forward declares Editor.

I don't think there's a way to switch between IntelliSense engines on the fly, you can only do that in ReSharper options.



Hi, thanks!

Ok, I was able to figure it out. It is because both npi::cfgs::plot::Editor and the npi::cfgs::plot::Display (ui.editor is part of this class) classes are defined in the same header file, while Qt generates ui_plotconfigedit.h and ui_plotconfigdisp.h separately on its own. The solution is to split the two classes into their own header and implementation files.

One thing that surprises me is, why is then Visual Studio Intellisense working properly when ReSharper Intellisense requires extra measures? Can I somehow teach/show ReSharper Intellisense what Visual Studio Intellisense already knows?


I'm not sure I understand the class layout you're describing. If you can create a sample which demonstrates the issue that would be great.


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