Resharper and CalcBinding



I'm using Resharper in a WPF c# project. We use a library called CalcBinding, which allows some special syntax in Binding, which is not detected by Resharper and then it's shown as error.

For example we can write: Content="{c:Binding '(ShowPassword ? \'Hide\' : \'Show\')'}"

I wonder if there is a way to make Resharper detecting the c:Binding and then ignore it, as I'd like to get rid of the errors, as I can't distinguish between the real errors and the "wrong ones". I don't expect Resharper to be able to correctly interpret CalcBinding Syntax, but it would be nice to be able to specifically ignore it.


Thank you

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Hello David,

I discussed this issue with our development team and opened a corresponding request -

Feel free to comment or vote for it.


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