Hi! Why exactly you find this version change problematic?

Since version 2021.1 we started providing binary compatibility of the JetBrains.Annotations package. This requires assembly version to be fixed - we "increased" it to `4242.42.42.42` and will not change it going forward, only informative/assembly file/package versions will be incremented. Binary compatibility solves versioning issues for our customers - depending on multiple libraries each referencing different JetBrains.Annotations package versions sometimes was problematic.


The required assembly binding redirects used to match the version of the package that was installed. Suddenly finding a redirect to a version that's two millennia away looks like a bug.

If it's intentional, then fair enough.


Ah, binding redirects :(

Hopefully, this will be the last time binding redirects update is needed for JetBrains.Annotation assembly. Sorry for inconvenience.


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