Disable highlight usages of the element under cursor in C++


In ReSharper for C++, I would like to disable highlighting of usages of the element under the cursor.  Here is an example:

This next example shows the reason why I want to disable this behaviour.  The highlighting of the usages is very similar to when one of the usages is selected for copying, which applies to the second of the three highlighted elements in the example:

As a result of this similarity, I frequently think I've already selected some text when I have not.  I thought I'd found the way to make the change in the ReSharper options:

It does not do anything.  Maybe the comment in the settings about not working in C++ applies to this, though the wording suggests that it may only apply to the 'Color identifiers' box above it.

If there's a way to disable usages of the element under the cursor in C++, please let me know.




Hi Simon,

We indeed have a separate option for C++: ReSharper | Options | Environment | Editor | Appearance | C++, C, HLSL | Highlight usages of the element under cursor. It is turned off by default because this feature is also provided by Visual Studio's IntelliSense.

To disable highlighting, please go to VS settings: Text Editor | C/C++ | Advanced | References | Disable Reference Highlighting. Sorry for the inconvenience.


That works. Thanks, Elvira.


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