Baselining in Resharper

Hello Guys, 

we are evaluating Resharper Plugin in Visual Studio  for our C++ projects.

It is not clear to me if baselining in Resharper C++ supported or not.

Mainly we would like to see the Issues only related to the new code. If a developer opens a file and edits it, he/she should ideally

see only the newly introduced issues.

Is such a scenario possible in ReSharper ?


We have tried to achieve kind of a behavior with 'warnings ng plugin' in Jenkins. However the 'new code' is identified with lone number and offset of the line only. If you add a line just before the line with issues , a new entry is added to the 'new issues' for the moved line and 'fix issues' is updated with the moved line as well. Unfortunately it is useless for out purposes.


Do I miss something ?

Would be happy to hear your opinion on baselining ?



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Hi Akin,
Unfortunately, it's not possible to show only new issues in the editor. But it looks like some code cleanup settings could be helpful.
If you enable `Only in changed parts of file` on the `Code Editing | Code Cleanup | General` page of ReSharper settings, you'll be able to auto-reformat and apply quick-fixes (according to the selected cleanup profile) in the newly added code only.


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