Artifactory integrations as a build configuration artifact dependency

Is it possible to use Artifactory as a dependency source and still achieve change and nested dependency information? That is, can Artifactory be a transparent artifact dependency in a TeamCity build?

In particular I wonder if we can publish artifacts to Artifactory and then consume them in another build, as a build dependency, and still achieve:

  • Notification: Ability to email build notification to authors of changes in the build (since last, as per normal TeamCity to TeamCity (TC-TC) dependency behaviour)
  • Reproduce build: Ability to be able perform custom build from RCS (git) history and use stored Artifact artifacts.

I suppose I'm asking how far the latest Artifactory integration goes to integrate Artifactory to work as a TeamCity artifact dependency.

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The integration with Artifactory is provided through third-party plugins. There are two of them in our plugin repository: (by JFrog) (by Kierran McPherson)

As far as I understand, JFrog's one currently doesn't have the TeamCity Artifacts Storage integration (plugin doc). However, Kierran McPherson's one claims to handle resolution of artifact dependencies, meaning it enables using Artifactory as a TeamCity Artifacts Storage providing the same artifact capabilities for build chains as the build-in and S3 artifact storages.

Please bear in mind that we do only minor verification of the 3rd-party plugins in the TeamCity plugin repository. We might be unaware of some or even all functionality provided by a plugin. You might need to apply to the plugin's documentation or the plugin vendor directly for more detailed information about the plugin usage and diagnostics.

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