Bulk Add const is missing in 2021.3.3


I have seen that "Add const" fix should be available for bulk fix on the whole file:

RSCPP-20247 Bulk fix for "Local variable/parameter may be const"


But in 2021.3.3, I just have the individual fix. I am missing something? Is it because it's a C++/CLI file?

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Does this mean you don't have this submenu with the bulk fix? If so, please send us the code snippet where this happens so that we can reproduce the issue.

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Yes, the whole menu is missing. But it is for the inspection "Parameter can be made const".    

For the four parameters of the below method, I have the hint, but I need to apply it one by one. 

void ScanDataDisplay::UpdateZoom(float zoomH, float oldZoomH, float zoomV, float oldZoomV)
    Cam->setOrthoWindow(Cam->getOrthoWindowWidth() * zoomH / oldZoomH,
                        Cam->getOrthoWindowHeight() * zoomV / oldZoomV);
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Looks like we didn't add a bulk fix for "Parameter can be made const" specifically, only for local variables. Filed https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RSCPP-32796 to track this.


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