File Template Create in Sub Folder

I want to create a file template that will create files in a sub folder. 

Ideally  I would be prompted for a value (the default class name). 

Assume the default class name = "MyStuff". 

I'd like the following files to be created. 

  • MyStuff/MyStuffCommand.cs
  • MyStuff/MyStuffCommandValidator.cs

I can create a multi-file template, and for the 2nd file, I can set its path to $NAME$/$NAME$CommandValidator.cs

This creates the following structure

  • MyStuffCommand.cs
  • MyStuff/MyStuffCommandValidator.cs

but I'd like to be able to specify a folder for the first file.  


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Hello Giorgio,

I've filed a corresponding feature request -

You are welcome to comment or vote for it.

Thank you.

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