Annoying recent change (EAP) to code editing


Hi, something I've noticed since moving to vs2022 and the EAP version of R#:

If I highlight '{get;}' and type a '{' I expect the highlight to be replaced with '{'. Instead I get a '{' inserted. I don't usually realise until I've rattled out a few more key presses and by then I've got a mass of red text and broken indentation. The workaround is to press Delete after highlighting the text but I don't believe I should have to. That's not Windows convention.

I'mnot 100% sure it's R# but I've just disabled and R# and with it disabled things work as I'd expect.


Hello Aruecope, this is the intended behavior and it is not specific to R# 2021.3 EAP7. Please open "ReSharper | Options | Environment | Editor | Behavior" and try the following:

- disable "Surround selection on typing a brace or parenthesis";

- set "None" or "On Enter after an opening brace" for "Auto-insert closing brace".

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!


Thank you, the first option resolved it. Strange that the option got changed in the first place.


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