Is there a way to minimize animations from Resharper in the Visual Studio status bar? It's very frustrating when the git menus down there are constantly shifting around especially when switching branches.


I don't mind Resharper displaying information in the status bar, I do find it useful. What gets very annoying is that the area taken up by Resharper on the VS status bar changes depending on the string of text displayed.

So what usually happens is that I have a solution open in VS. I switch git branches and i need to immediately pull all the latest changes to that branch from git. Since the branch just loaded and Resharper is attempting to analyze the code, the status bar icons constantly jump around. If I try to click on the git menu to do a pull, i will usually accidentally click on the branch menu, or the update notification menu, or the git changes button, etc. I have to wait until Resharper finishes showing notifications or I have to play a game of whack-a-mole to click the correct icon.

I dont necessarily want to disable Resharper or the solution wide analysis. 

I just want less movement on the status bar. Couldnt the icon just change when there's a status change and I can hover over it to see what the status is? Or maybe display the text on the left side of the status bar?


Hello Edgar Sanchez, thank you for your feedback. Is the experience better with the latest ReSharper 2021.3.1? We had a problem with this message appearing frequently. We will discuss how to minimize animation with colleagues, thank you.


Maria Pleskunina It seems to be a little better. It still has animations but they seem to be shorter. I'd still prefer to have the option of having all animations stopped though.


Edgar Sanchez, thanks for the update. I've submitted a new issue to our bug tracker: Please feel free to comment or vote for it to get notifications about status changes. Thank you!


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