ReSharper extension for Visual Studio stops working when I switch branches

Starting with version 2021, some times when I switch GIT branches within Visual Studio, the ReSharper extension seems to stop working.  ReSharper build window goes blank and I cannot run Unit Tests anymore.

Only after closing and re-opening the solution do I get everything back.

Not sure how to restart ReSharper without closing the solution or if there is something I need to update to avoid this issue.

Thank you.


Yup. I've been getting this with the latest EAP using both vs2019 Preview and vs2022 Preview. For me it's not related to branch switching - it just suddenly decides it can't be bothered to respond to anything (keyboard or menu). I sent them a log which appears to suggest that something is cancelling the R# instruction before it even gets going.

I have found that sometimes if you spam the command (ie; press Ctrl+Space multiple times) you can eventually get its attention. Alternatively switching focus away from the affected edit Window will sometimes get it going again. Have to say that it's severely negating the value of R# for me.


Hello @Fgrijalba @Aruecope

Thank you for contacting us! Could you confirm that you still get the issues using ReSharper 2021.3 EAP10 (


Did I get you right that you've contacted support regarding your issue directly?


Yes I did. I have found that the problem has gone away (as have other problems) with the switch to 64-bit VS 2022. In fact I can't actually remember the last time VS crashed or locked-up or that R# failed to provide expected functionality. It's interesting to note that from a relaunch it rarely takes long for the R# memory usage indicator to show in excess of 2GB used and it sometimes heads north of 4GB.

So I'm prepared to suggest that the vast majority of my issues with R# can be put down to being restricted within the 32-bit address space.


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