Debug assist showing wrong datatip

Resharper C++ debug datatip seem to unable to recognize certain variables.

Here's some code I tape together to demonstrate the issue:

#pragma once
#include <unordered_map>

struct Data
std::unordered_map<int, int> _dataSet;

class Base
std::unordered_map<int, Data> _dataMap;

Base() = default;
virtual ~Base() = default;

virtual void Test() = 0;

template<typename T>
class Derived : public Base
int _testMemberVar = 0;

static Derived* GetInstance()
static Derived instance;
return &instance;

void Test() override
_testMemberVar++; // Second issue

_dataMap[0]._dataSet[0] = 0; // First issue A
_dataMap[1]._dataSet[0] = 0;
_dataMap[2]._dataSet[0] = 0;

for (std::pair<const int, Data>& item : _dataMap)
item.second._dataSet[0] = 1; // First issue B
item.second._dataSet[1] = 2;
  • The first issue occurred on the _dataMap[x]._dataSet[y] = z; (s) and item.second._dataSet[x] = y; (s)
    Resharper saids: "::Base::_dataMap[0].::Data::_dataSet=expected an identifier" and "item.::std::pair<const int, Data>::second.::Data::_dataSet=expected an identifier"
  • The second issue occurred on _testMemberVar++;
    Resharper saids: "::Derived<T>::_testMemberVar=identifier "Derived<T>" is undefined".
    -The second issue does not go away even if I provide a template arg T for Resharper intelesense
    -The second issue does go away if I change Derived into a non template class.

The default Visual Studio debug tip/watch has no issue giving me datatips and inspecting these variable. Im still trying out Resharper C++, I wonder if I did something wrong?

Build on x64
Visual Studio Version: 16.11.2
Resharper C++ Version: 2021.2.20210826.112918

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Thanks for the report! This is a bug, I've filed to track it.


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