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I'm using ReSharper 2021.2.1 on an ASP.NET project. I have configured Tools/External Sources to navigate to object browser. I would assume if I navigate to the object browser when ctrl-clicking on a type like "Controller" to get right into the class "Controller" in the System.Web.Mvc namespace of the System.Web.Mvc assembly. But instead I'm always routed to my root project component. It seems to me that the deep search in the object browser is not working properly in this case. In other projects like Xamarin.Forms this navigation is working as intended.

Can you help me fix this navigation issue in my ASP.NET project?


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Hello Chris,

I cannot reproduce the issue in a newly created solution.

Could you please check if it reproduced only for some specific solution in your case? If so, is there any chance you could provide us some skeleton solution in which the problem is reproduced? 

Thank you.


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