Rider wants to default to System.Random in Unity

Every time I introduce Random.Range(min, max) into a new cs file in Unity, if I'm not hypervigilant, Rider adds 

using Random = System.Random; 

to the usings clauses, and of course Random.Range breaks.   I've paid a bit more attention, and it appears that no matter what I do, the Intellisense displays Random (in System) as the first option, so if you keep typing, it assumes that this is what you want.  It's not.  When in Unity, it's never ever what I want.   Even if I remove using System; it keeps trying to do this.  When I code, especially on boilerplate stuff like a quick Random.Range(), I usually just plow through, this is slowing me down, which is opposite of what I use Rider for.  

Is there a fix for this?

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