I'm about to throw in the towel


I love resharper and have been using it for years, and it works great for C#. Unfortunately the world I live in is a mix of C# and VB.Net. A lot of VB.Net. Resharper is slow as molasses in winter when it comes to debugging VB. And a lot of the time it just doesn't even work at all in VBHTML files. Our solution is large, but it isn't massive. A couple dozen projects. The main UI project is a huge WebForms project that we are slowly refactoring into MVC, but it was originally written in VB.Net, so even the MVC part of it has to be in VB, so that just sucks.

I'm going to be on this project for at least another year. 

What am I missing? How can I make my coding days less frustrating, other than just turning off resharper completely?

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It's crap like this that makes it so frustrating. A lot of times in a .vbhtml file Resharper just fills up the file with false errors, and totally screws up the intellisense.

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Hello Charles,

Unfortunately, we have no plans on vbhtml support as MS doesn't support it already.

Thank you.


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