Can't Turn Off Formatting Hints


This involves 2021.1.3 and VS 2019 16.10.10.

I recently started noticing a whole bunch of editing suggestions on code which complies with how I've configured Resharper. I think the suggestions are coming from Visual Studio, not Resharper. Here's an example involving use of the var keyword:

This suggestion appears despite the fact I have Resharper configured to use 'var' for built-in types, simple types and elsewhere.

How do I go about turning off these spurious suggestions?


Hi Mark!

You are right; the warnings starting with "IDE..." come from the Visual Studio. You can configure VS hints and assistants at ReSharper | Options | Environment | Editor | Visual Studio Features. For example, to disable inline suggestion, select Disable Visual Studio Inline Hints. See documentation for more details.


Unfortunately the problem seems deeper: Disable Visual Studio Inline Hints is (and has been, for quite a while) enabled (i.e., so the hints shouldn't be showing up).

Yet they still do, as my screen capture shows.

What else can I try? Is this a bug I should report?


Checking the issue deeper, the following was found.

The lightbulb is not actually a warning from VS or ReSharper, but the part of tooltip\quick fix action.

The context action "Replace var with explicit type declaration" is enabled and might be simply called for any var in the code, even though the code style is configured differently.

Disable a Context Action at ReSharper | Options | Code Editing | Context Actions to not see it.


Got it, thanx. I've disabled that particular Context Action. I'll report back on what happens when I get to work tomorrow.

Thanx for researching this!


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