How to make calls from PublicAPI code themselves maked as used

Trying to do a bit of code cleanup. I have a lot of [PublicAPI] marked code in my WebServices class. Those methods are properly flagged as "in use" by Resharper. But methods called from within those webservices are themselves still marked as "Method is never used". I dont want to have to attribute flag all my classes and methods. Can't ReSharper be aware of in use methods a bit deeper than the first level?

public class myWebServices : System.Web.Services.WebService
// This does no get flagged as "not in use": GOOD
  public void MyTestWebService()
    var a = new MyClass();
public class MyClass
// This gets flagged as "not in use": BAD
public void Test()
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Hello Stdavidke,

Could you verify the issue with the recent JetBrains.Annotations and ReSharper?

Also, you may try clearing the caches via ReSharper | Options | General | Clear caches and then restart Visual Studio.

Let me know if further assistance is required.


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