Visual Studio 2019 Preview Version 16.10.0 Preview 3.0 and Resharper 2021.1.2 problems


I've updated my visual studio 2019 preview verison to 16.10.0 Preview 3.0 and multiple critical problems started to occur on IDE such that frequent lockups and disappering cursor, mangled hinted texts and problematic code alignments etc. So at the end of nearly two hour fight I had to disable resharper completely to be able to continue to my work. Unfortunately cleaning caches, countless of restarts did not helped also. Any help would deeply be appreciated.


Hello Onur

Thank you for contacting us! What is the screen resolution on the machines where it happens? Do you use multiple displays?


Hi Andrey,

Yes I have two identical monitors hooked up to my computer that they have 2560x1600 resolution on each and dpi scaling is off on Windows (100%). I am using VS on only on my first (main) display and not on the extended one.

Problem starts to occur after a short period of time when I restart VS, not immediately, but consistently everytime.


Edit: Added two screenshots of the same file while the first one is ok, and the second one when the problem starts occur.



Hi Andrey Simukov,

Yesterday evening preview 4.0 released and I updated my VS installation but I can confirm that problem still persists.



Hello Onur,

We're working on the bug: Please feel free to comment and vote or just subscribe to the issue.


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